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Have you ever really thought about what sets your kitchen apart from any other room in your house? When it comes down to it, it’s basically two things: appliances and cabinets. As the more stationary of the two, your kitchen cabinets say a lot about your space. The color scheme speaks to your personal taste, the style and layout give insight into your lifestyle, and the overall feel and atmosphere your kitchen possesses is created by your cabinets.

The designers at Signature Kitchens of Vero Beach, therefore, take cabinet work very seriously. As arguably one of the biggest components of a kitchen space, it’s important to us that the cabinets we install are not only modern and stylish, but practical and convenient as well. This is why we’ve partnered with three premier cabinetry companies that supply what we believe to be some of the highest quality cabinetry you can find.


Holiday Kitchens

Holiday Kitchens is a valued partner with a long history of creating custom cabinetry designed for each client’s individual lifestyle; a methodology we value highly at Signature Kitchens. They believe that the kitchen, once the literal hearth of the home for many activities and chores, remains the hub of the home to this day, though its purpose has pivoted slightly. Holiday Kitchens offers over 100 different door styles, both framed and frameless construction options, exotic veneers and metals, and many other custom finishing options. These coveted cabinets are only available through authorized Holiday dealers and we are honored to be one of them.


Plain & Fancy

A family-centered mindset is the basis of Plain & Fancy, a leader in custom cabinetry centered in Pennsylvania. Plain & Fancy, owned by the Achey family believes that the most important component in crafting a kitchen space is creating an environment in which you and your family can thrive. Each and every Plain & Fancy cabinet is hand-crafted to perfection, undergoing their fine-tuned process to turn out high-quality, completely custom cabinets. Their rich, Dutch family history of craftsmanship gives their products an essence of both simplicity and tradition, components that many of our clients crave.


Omega Cabinetry and Dynasty by Omega 

Omega Cabinetry focuses on bringing together beauty and functionality. Hand-selected woods, top of the line hardware, and hand-applied finishing techniques are all elements of Omega Cabinetry that set them apart from the rest. Specializing in color, our design team at Signature Kitchens will often move forward with Omega or Dynasty by Omega cabinetry should our client desire their cabinets to be a true focal point of the space. These cabinets are also backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, making them a premiere choice among competitors.

As an authorized dealer of high-quality custom cabinets like these, Signature Kitchens of Vero Beach is equipped to create your dream kitchen from the ground up. Meet with a member of our design team to get started talking inspiration, practicality, and timelines. Visit signatureofvero.com or call 772.234.0155.