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As the only custom kitchen and cabinet designer on the Barrier Island that offers unparalleled professionalism and quality, let’s talk about cabinets. Signature Kitchens of Vero Beach partners with Holiday Kitchens, Plain & Fancy, and Omega Cabinetry. Each partner offers their own techniques and styles. It is, therefore, the responsibility of our team of designers to put together the vision of your space utilizing different styles to anchor the mood of the room.

The overall aesthetic determines style choice.

Modern – Modern-style often features neutral colors – white, gray, black – but modern cabinets can also be colorful. They do share the unifying qualities of being sleek, clean, and minimalistic. They typically have flat surfaces and simple hardware, creating a simple backdrop to help emphasis other statement pieces or features in the room. This style has the added bonus of making smaller spaces appear larger. Contemporary, flat-panel, and slab-style cabinets can also be grouped within this category. These cabinets are easy to clean, often sport a glossy or shiny finish, and are a fresh take on the traditional face of a cabinet.

Shaker – Adding a little more detail to the modern-style cabinets, shaker cabinets feature a simple five-piece design: the base face of the cabinet and four outlining panels or rail frames. This creates the look of a recessed center. Also typically in neutral colors, shaker cabinets create a basic backdrop for the space. They can hold a strong presence depending on the materials and colors you choose to move forward with.

Traditional – When most people think of cabinets, images of traditional styles come to mind. Shaker cabinets can sometimes fall into this category, but true traditional cabinets feature a raised-panel or bead board and a higher level of detail when compared to the two other styles already discussed. This cabinet style has a timeless feel and continues to be a popular choice in modern designs. Variations of color and hue, finishes, and materials all contribute to the longevity of this style’s popularity.

Vintage – When looking to make a statement with your cabinetry, a vintage style is your best choice. This style has the highest level of detail, and when mixing styles, can draw attention to a specific area in the space. Named for their history of popularity, vintage-style cabinets can feature decorative molding and beaded boards that pay tribute to past eras. Often times the details in these cabinets are highlighted using a variety of staining techniques and variations of color. When coupled with more modern elements, vintage-style cabinets were the perfect complement at Palm Island Plantation, bringing in a brushstroke of tradition into the modern island charm.

Many styles of cabinets exist, each with their own profiles and characteristics. The team at Signature Kitchens of Vero Beach works to find the best fit for your vision of your space, whether it be your kitchen, closet, or living area. We utilize these styles as well as open cabinetry, glass panes, and other details to give you the space you’ve always dreamed of; one that is both practical and beautiful. Stop into our showroom today or view our portfolio at signatureofvero.com/SKPortfolio.