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When it comes to Signature kitchens, it’s hard to overlook the obvious: these spaces are versatile and therefore, the materials used to create them must be as well. And what’s one of the most important and utilized components of a kitchen? Its countertops.
While you can make an argument for cabinetry, the countertops are the biggest pieces that go into a kitchen space; they’re what you see first and use most. The kitchen space is taking on more and more roles in the home and therefore, must be able to adapt and seamlessly adjust for different needs and events.

The question, though, is: Can you countertop compete?

The material we often hear the most requests for is granite. Granite is a beautiful, natural stone that comes in a variety of colors and is wildly versatile. The many color options, in addition to its durability, is what makes granite so highly coveted. The natural material includes rivers of sparkle and other complimentary colors that run in veins throughout the slab, making each piece unique and different. These details also give a dynamic touch to classic white, black, and gray countertops that many clients are craving. Granite also resists heat, scratches, and cuts and can even come in polished and matte finishes (something we love!).

If you’re loving the look of stone but not the associated maintenance, then quartz is the way to go. This is one of the toughest countertops out there resisting heat, knives, scratch pads and harsh cleaning products, and stains of all sorts. Quartz also comes in bright, vibrant colors and can add the perfect pop to any kitchen space.

And lastly marble can be argued to be the most beautiful and timeless countertop option. Its neutral colors and traditional aesthetic create only the most classic of kitchens. Though marble is sustainable to some scratching and staining, it can provide a more lived-in look and the fact that marble is natural cooler in temperature is definitely a unique feature.
Whatever your vision for your kitchen, we’ll be sure to include every last detail you desire in our designs. We don’t consider a project complete without your signature of approval.