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When we create your dream Signature kitchen, we take care of everything from the demo down to the details. One of our favorite details to incorporate is a smaller one that has a huge impact: your kitchen’s backsplash. Once flooring, cabinets and countertops, and appliances are all decided, the backsplash is the element that brings everything together. Here are four popular backsplashes that take your kitchen from common to complete.

1.       The Clean-Cut Classic

Because a backsplash occupies such a unique space within a kitchen, it’s important to have a proper balance of wow-factor and cohesion to ensure that the backsplash isn’t overlooked, but that it also doesn’t steal the thunder from the space. Therefore, when our designers choose a backsplash for a space, we look first at shape itself and what sort of similar shapes and angles make the most sense for the space. We look at the other lines and proportions of the kitchen design as a whole and pick out similar styles that complement these existing elements. Oftentimes, we opt for the classic subway tile. This shape brings a clean-cut feel into the kitchen that is complementary and timeless yet still modern.

2.       A Pinch of Pattern

Sometimes the shape of a backsplash takes a backseat to the pattern that’s created with the tiles. Different shapes and sizes of tiles can be brought together into a cohesive backsplash by created the perfect pattern. A hot trend right now is a fish scale style that offers an ode to the sea, perfect for many of our Florida projects. Should the overall design of one of our projects be clean and modern, we might opt for a funkier backsplash pattern to add in some interest. Should the opposite be the case, a more common but classic pattern might be more appropriate.

3.       Texture that Shines

As many of our kitchen designs incorporate a natural element to some degree, it often comes to light in the form of the backsplash. Rough cut or natural stones and tiles can be used to not only add visual interest but texture too. We love everything the natural Florida landscape has to offer, and often our designers draw inspiration from such natural beauty, utilizing certain elements in our kitchen designs.

4.       A Spin on the Color Wheel

An often neglected element, the backsplash can be the fun pop of color that your kitchen needs. Mixing different colors in the same family can create dimension in the title pattern or mixing opposite colors on the wheel to draw in other elements of the space and create interest are two strategies used by our design team to make the most out of the space between your countertops and cabinets.

At Signature Kitchens of Vero Beach, we believe that creating the perfect kitchen for our clients all comes to the details. Whether you’re looking to completely redesign your space or just add a few personal touches (perhaps in the form of a backsplash), we’re here to help make your dream kitchen a reality!