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When you choose to create your very own Signature kitchen, you’re making an investment in your future lifestyle, as much of your time is spent in your home’s kitchen. That being said, one of the questions our expert design team often gets is about what countertops are best. A friendly battle between quarts and granite countertops quickly arises.

While both have their positive qualities, the question isn’t” “which one is best?” The question is: “Which is best for my Signature Kitchen?” Therefore, we look at countertop materials from four different viewpoints and think about the following things when it comes to both materials: How durable is it? How easy is it to repair? Does it fit the aesthetic of the space? Is it affordable?


A lot goes on in the kitchen, and besides the bathroom, the kitchen faces some of the harshest cleaning chemicals. Therefore, durability is a key factor in deciding on the countertop material that best fits your lifestyle. Quartz and granite rank fairly equal on the hardness scale, though many manufacturers recommend not putting extremely hot pots or pans directly on the countertop surface as it isn’t quite as heat-resistant as granite. Quartz also might begin to fade or discolor when consistently exposed to direct sunlight or other harsh factors for long periods of time. Quartz countertops have a little more flexibility and are less likely to chip compared to granite.


Especially in kitchens, accidents happen, which is why reparability is important in choosing countertops. Here, the natural inclination might be that granite wins out in this category over quartz as it is less likely to chip and therefore overall considered more durable. Granite, however, is a porous material and will, therefore, need to be sealed upon installation and periodically throughout the lifetime of the countertop (this also makes it more susceptible to stains as well). As always, it’s important to be cautious with items like cast iron and other hard materials or chemicals when around your countertops to avoid the need for repair to arise.


When it comes to the overall design and theme of your space, our design team will have narrowed down a specific vision based on your tastes and opinions. With this in mind, granite, as a natural stone, has more of a natural yet gritty feel to it. Quartz, though, is often available in a wider variety of color palates and patterns to choose from – though “exotic” granite is also available, though rare - but can be more appealing to clients who want a more daring kitchen design.


For many, a kitchen of your dreams is a priceless commodity. Other homeowners, however, might have a set budget to allocate to their kitchen and might have a specific percentage to dedicate to their countertops or elsewhere. Whatever the case, affordability factors in to the overall decision when choosing countertops. Traditionally, granite is less expensive when compared to quartz but keep in mind things like square footage, backsplashes, and seam lines before you make your purchase.

Whatever your vision for your kitchen, we’re here to help you navigate these decisions to help make your dream space a reality. To begin, simply call 772.234.0155 to talk to a member of our Signature design team or visit our showroom online or at 3003 Cardinal Drive, Suite D in
Vero Beach.